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SN10 Software & User Support Guides
The complete resource guide for accessing and using the latest release version of the SN10's operating software.

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SN10 Operating Software 2.38

Choose the installer software version below that matches the DOS or Windows operating system on your PC:

  • Unified Windows Installer for SN10 and SN10B, for Win95 and later, including 64-bit Windows (not for DOS, Win 3.1 or ancient 16-bit Windows) Unified Installer version 2.38 

See the Version Listings page for more detail on the latest features added with the current SN10 operating software version.)

SN10 Operating Manual  2.31 V2.31 User Manual
SN10 USB Adapter Operating Manual  2.34 V2.34 User Manual
SN10 Demo Software  2.38 V2.38 Demo Application
includes an animated illustration of the GPS wind page (not for DOS, Win 3.1 or ancient 16-bit Windows).

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