ILEC SN-10 Future Proofing

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SN-10 Future Proofed
Continuous Improvement

New Features and Important Improvements.

The SN10 is one of the most modern sailplane flight computers available.  Whereas the hardware and the mechanical design of the instrument is complete and will not be altered, we are continuously upgrading the software.  See the Software Revision Updates listing page for full details of recent developments.

The design of the SN10 allows uploading of new operating software versions from your Notebook PC, without removing the SN10 from your glider.  We keep you and your system current!

This same link is used to upload Turnpoint Data and to retrieve/download Flight Recorder data to the your PC.

We react to customer requests, changing contest rules, and fulfill our own design ideas. You will simply need to follow the links on this site to access the latest software update to download to your SN10 and you are up-to-date again.

Hardware designed for the future:

The SN10 includes an integral network (LAN data-bus).  Using this network, we can connect any number of external units (such as the currently available Remote Control Unit) without further hardware alteration to the SN10.

Planned future peripherals include a flux compass (now in development).

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