B100 Software Update

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B100 Software Update

By Dion Weston
Tuesday, December 17, 2002

The procedure involved to load and utilise this software is as follows:

  • Review the copyright notice and register as a user,
  • Download the software and install it on your PC (Windows 95 or later),
  • Download or prepare NDB turnpoint data files for up to 4 sites you would like to load into your B100,
  • Use the B100TP utility to create a new load image containing these sites, and
  • Load the new operating software load image into your B100.
  • Enjoy!!
  • At long last an update has been released allowing the venerable B100 Flight Computer to be loaded with user defineable turnpoint databases. This long overdue enhancement has been produced by the orginal software developer, Dave Nadler, as a gesture of good will towards the substantial group of pilots who embraced this innovative instrument when it was first launched in 1989-90 These early adopters have long since awaited even a modest improvement in the instrument's functionality. Dave has responded to the most oft requested feature missing from the original instrument; the ability to upload user definable turnpoint databases from a PC.

    A B100TP turnpoint patch utility allows the User to set up new sites on your PC instead of having to enter each and every turnpoint directly via the instrument's control interface while sitting in the glider. The B100TP utility allows you to create a software load image with up to 4 sites pre-prepared on your PC.

    It should be noted that this new B100 software update does not include many features of the ILEC SN10. The B100 was designed in 1989, and has very limited processing and memory capacity compared to the substantially upgraded computing power of the newer ILEC manufactured instrument.

    Nevertheless this recent B100 v1.60 software update does include many other small updates and improvements, notably:

  • The task start point is now listed on the 'Task' page
  • Improved wind calculation (But not NOT the SN10's GPS based wind calculation.)
  • "Dist to go" before you start of a task now only shows the task distance.
    (Distance to the start point is no longer included .)
  • Faster display update for most calculations.

    A step by step guide to the registration process, software download and set-up can be found under the B100 section of the 'Support' section of this web-site. To visit this section directly click here....

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