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TopHat moving map integration with the SN10 03/08/22

Connecting a FLARM® to your ILEC SN10 03/08/22

New V2.47 OpSys 03/07/20

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Current Version Information
SN10 Op Sys - V2.47
SN10 User Manual - V2.31
SN10 Demo Software - V2.47
USB Adapter Software update - 11-April-2020
USB Adapter User Manual - V2.34

SN10 Sailplane Competition Flight Computer Support

Main Information Screen
Comprehensive flight data continuously updated - including uncompleted legs

Task Planning Screen
Real time in flight task adjustments aid AAT task management and strategy

Moving Map Screen
Moving map display of turnpoints, airspace and alternate landing fields

Flight Recorder Screen
In built flight recorder - Australian Competion Approved

  • Continuous Improvement   (anticipating & responding to competition pilot input)
  • Performance & Reliability (based on proven ILEC sensor technology)
  • Flexiblity (Club or Competition modes; extensive user display customisation; two seat cockpit configurations)
  • Life Extension Integrations (PDA, FLARM® and TopHat moving map tablet real time data exchange)

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