Connecting a FLARM® to your ILEC SN10

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Connecting a FLARM® to your ILEC SN10

By Dion Weston
Wednesday, August 03, 2022

For over a decade now the ILEC SN10 has supported direct connection to FLARM devices, enabling the FLARM to provide real time GPS as well as air traffic information to the SN10.

The following FLARM support page features can be enabled on the SN10 via selection on the "SN10 Options 2" page:

  • a FLARM collision warning page (pops up this page with a collision warning graphic)
  • a FLARM neighbours moving map display page

Further, if the FLARM is an IGC-approved version, the ILEC SN10 will optionally transfer and declare the current SN10 task in the FLARM for task verification purposes.

Connection details for the intergration can be found on Dave Nadler's main SN10 support page.

Make sure you set both FLARM and ILEC SN10 GPS baud rates to 19200.

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