SN10 format TP files now available with embedded Restricted Airspace data (Updated Nov 2008)

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SN10 format TP files now available with embedded Restricted Airspace data (Updated Nov 2008)

By Dion Weston
Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turnpoint data files are now available on the Worldwide Soaring Turnpoint Exchange with Special Use Airspace (SUA) formatted data suitable for use with the SN10 appended to the file. A large number of Australian and New Zealand soaring locations are now listed that included embedded SUA data. Access to these files is via the normal manner of selecting sites featured on the Australasia page of the Soaring Server site.

By following the links to the specific turnpoint data files converted to the SN10 format you will now note that in most cases there are two versions of the SN10 formatted data featured; one with SUA airspace data included and one without. The former version with the specially formatted airspace information appended is listed as "Ilec SN-10® with restricted airspace" and, when the linked file is downloaded, has a filename in the form "XXXX_SUA.NDB".

For example, if you take a look at the Narromine, NSW page for the recent 2008 Grand Prix turn point listings, <>, scrolling down the list of available file formats you will see two ILEC offerings available. One has "with restricted airspace" appended while the other hasn't.

Detail about the airspace sources and data format used may be found at:

Insofar as Australian airspace is concerned the airspace data incorporated into these files has been sourced from Australian Official Airspace sources and converted for general use via the Digital Aeronautical Flight Information File (DAFIF) product developed by the United States National Imagery and Mapping Agency. As such the data appears to be well up to date. By viewing the header of the "XXXX_SUA.NDB" file using a basic ASCII text editor you can ascertain the currency of the appended airspace information.

Of course due care must be taken by the pilot to use the information provided via this source as a guide only. No responsibility is taken by the ILEC GmbH, Dave Nadler, Dion Weston Associates or the Worldwide Soaring Turnpoint Exchange whatsoever for the accuracy of the data provided and any pilot using these data files is assumed to have in their possession the latest version of the Airservices Australia published airspace maps, or the New Zealand equivalent, for use as their primary navigation reference.

So, taking these reservations into account, load these new versions of turnpoint files into your SN10 in the normal way and presto, you will notice the airspace outlines appear on the SN10 moving map display for the task area you're flying in.

Thanks John Leibacher and Dave Nadler for sorting out the automated generation of the ILEC sua appended data files.

If you wish to contact John with any queries about the SUA data, its conversion or to request that a conversion of a particular turnpoint data file you've prepared specific to your needs you can contact John via the following link: John Leibacher

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