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SN-10  Club Mode Facility

A New Club Operating Mode has been implemented in Version 2.2x and above of the SN-10 Operating System Software.

The SN10 is now two instruments in one, for both competition and club flying.  SN10 Club Mode is suitable for use by pilots flying just for fun, and requiring NO training before use.  Club mode has only 4 simple pages comprising a home page (including a final glide to home or to an alternate landing place), moving map, the super-reliable SN10 wind calculator page, a key settings page, and a moving map display incorporating airspace information if available.

When you turn on the SN10, it asks if you want club mode or competition mode.  Simply choose the SN10 mode you want.

Normal Flying Screen                        Wind Measurement Screen

General Settings (arrive at 800 ft)      Moving Map (airspace boundaries)

To search for alternates, change "Fly Home" to "Alternate".  Alternate #1 is the closest, #2 is next, and so forth.  If the SN10 measures the wind as very different from the wind set for final glide, the SN10 asks if you would like to set it.

Fly to #3 alternate (Troestau)             Wind setting question

The SN10 uses the GPS to locate your home point in its database and reset the altimeter automatically.  For alternates, the SN10 will display airfield information from its database (just move the cursor onto "Troestau" and press "Help").

How simple and intuitive can a flight computer become? Simplicity, delivers confidence and Safety!!

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