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SN-10 Operating Software Revision Listing

Full Version Listing (details below).


(1) With the introduction of the new SN-10b (the new improved display screen) please make sure you download the correct System Software.

If you accidentally load the SN10B software into an SN10 (or the SN10 software into an SN10B):
- your SN10 screen will be blank,
- your SN10 will sound an audio SOS (dot-dot-dot-dash-dash-dash-dot-dot-dot),
- you will need to load the correct software before you can use the SN10 !
Load the other software !  The SN10 will wait for the new software after it beeps SOS.

(2) Upgrading from 2.10 or 2.xx and above will not require reloading your map or turnpoint data; whatever 2.10 data is in your SN10 will be preserved, however...

(3) If you upgrade from a version earlier than 2.00 to version 2.00 or later, you will lose any turnpoints you entered at the SN10.  Make sure you have the NDB files you will need ready before upgrading your instrument.
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* For instructions on updating your SN10 software, see:
- SN10-USB-adapter manual supplement using the SN10-USB-adapter
- WINupdat.TXT using a PC with 16-bit or 32-bit Windows
- DOSupdat.TXT using a DOS PC (or DOS emulator on PDA)

* See MAPHELP.TXT for a discussion of moving map data preparation.

* Please see DBFORMAT.TXT for a description of the NDB (turn)point data format.
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Notable features of version 2.47 (20-June-2020): ******************
- Improved airspace warnings:
  - New: Option to suppress MOA display on map and MOA airspace warnings.
    May require rebuild of your NDB files with updated AIRPAR32.
    John Leibacher has rebuilt NDB's on WWTPX, thanks John!
  - Warns if your track is very close but parallel to airspace boundary
  - Nuisance warnings greatly reduced
  - Warnings now include time-til-airspace-boundary, for example:
           !! Airspace !!
           !! Warning !!

          SALT LAKE CI
           in :01:23 1.7sm
          Alt:10500 ft MSL
           to 12000 ft MSL
          ENTER for map...
- Better special character handling in point/airspace names (U-umlaut..)
- AirPar32: special characters in airspace names, treat TYPE=MATZ as MOA
- DBC32: Add -u option to check for airspaces with unknown type
- Demonstration program improvements:
  - In NDB airspace window, click on point to show enclosing airspaces
  - Add option to list all airspaces of unknown type (help debug your NDB)
  - Proper text scaling for high-DPI displays
- USB adapter firmware update (place ILECUSBA.HEX on stick, power on SN10)
  - better special character support and error checking
  - supports exFAT formatted sticks (except for loading new USB firmware)
  - Adds LFN support (but NDB names must be unique first 8-chars)
- Lynn Alley + John Leibacher linux/website NDB support (thanks guys!):
  - Linux64 versions of airparse and dbc
  - dbc now returns positive-valued error codes (formerly DOS negative)
- Bugfix: SN10 IGC-format log minor formatting error (broken in 2.46)
- Internal updates to support SN10C
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Notable features of version 2.46 (7-July-2019):
- FLARM New: SN10 START writes PEV into attached FLARM's IGC log file.
- FLARM fix: correct number of points in IGC task declaration
- Bugfix: point deletion bug (broken in v2.43)
- Bugfix: clear wind arrow in climb (unless "Show arrows in climb" set)
- Internal updates to support SN10C
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Notable features of version 2.45 (29-Apr-2019):
- BugFix: L/D page back-calculation of MC from desired cruise
- BugFix: Points starting with character with umlaut (entry, sort order)
- Fix ancient Volkslogger/CAI dates; 2nd GPS epoch ended April 6, 2019
Current (corrected) dates will be reported in SN10's flight log.
- Internal updates to support SN10C
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Notable features of version 2.44 (14-Jul-2018):
- BugFix: sometimes repeated "No GPS Navigation" warning (diagnostics)
- FLARM: Limit task declarations to 8 TPs (plus Start and Finish)
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Notable features of version 2.43 (30-March-2018):
- Demo shows NDB database file parse errors in nice dialog
- Demo displays complete airspace map in separate window
- Add "CheckNDBfile" to Windows Start Menu (check your NDB in C:\SN10)
- PClink and DBC support slightly more map data in NDB database
- Improve GPS warning messages (fewer spurious warnings)
- correct German-language GPS warning text
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Notable features of version 2.42 (24-May-2017):
- MC extended help: Show still-air SpeedToFly and L/D
- FLARM: Improved error messages, report new FLARM firmware version
- FLARM: Dataport spec 7.07 (firmware v6.07) compatibility (minor fix)
- FLARM: Note: SN10 does not display FLARM alert zone notifications!
- Altitude extended help: Add approx %power available at density altitude
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Notable features of version 2.41 (11-July-2016):
- For OLC pilots: During an AAT task, points not already marked achieved
can be updated, and you can add areas, without resetting the task.
You still need to switch to "Setup" mode to change AAT points.
- Added polars: Arcus, ASH-30, ASW-15
- for ancient buggy Volksloggers/CAI20, correct 1995.. dates in SN10 log
- PDA support adds output: task (to support XCsoar/TopHat), sigma
- To resend task to PDA, press ENTER with cursor on remaining distance
- PClink, DBC32 and USB gadget handle too-long comments in NDB files
- Fix old "sometimes doesn't restart after software load" bug
- Includes latest (May-2016) USB-adapter HEX file ILECUSBA.HEX
Update your USB adapter software to get these improvements:
- too long comments in NDB files don't cause errors
- more reliable reporting of USB stick disk label
- Better error message loading NDB file too large for selected site
- Bugfix: SN10 flight recorder: output events in correct order when log
passes through UTC midnight.
- Additional airspace types accepted in AIRPAR32
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Notable features of version 2.40 (3-Nov-2014):
- Airspace-warning feature with following notes:
  - FOR BEST RESULTS: airspace data in NDB files should be regenerated
using AIRPAR32 from 2.40. John Leibacher has already regenerated
airspace in all NDB files on the WWTPX. Output from the new AIRPAR32
is compatible with older SN10 software.
  - Enable airspace warnings on the "SN10 Options 1" page
  - You will be warned regardless of altitude (even if you can overfly
or underfly the airspace)
  - If there are multiple airspaces you would touch, you may only get
a warning for one of them.
  - Airspace warnings will not repeat until 2 minutes have passed,
and will repeat until your trajectory does not enter the airspace.
  - If you fly parallel to an airspace boundary, you will not get a
warning until you turn towards the airspace, and YOU MAY NEVER
GET A WARNING if you turn and quickly cross the boundary...
  - Airspace warnings display the airspace name with altitude floor
and ceiling, for example:
          !! Airspace !!
          !! Warning !!

         R4811 0800-1
                5.8 ahead
         Alt: surface
          to FL180
         ENTER for map...
on the moving map, it will generate a warning if you approach it.
If you do not want warnings for airspace like MOAs, don't include
them (set INCLUDE=NO in the TNP file) or disable SN10 warnings.
  - Once you clear an airspace warning, there is no way to get it back!
Make sure you read the warning before you press HELP or ENTER.
  - If you prepare your own airspace or NDB files, please see
MAPHELP.TXT for help using AIRPAR32 (MAPHELP.TXT is available from
your Start Menu, under ILEC SN10 utilities help).
  - If you encounter ANY problems or quirks, please send me:
    - a description of the issue
    - the flight-log from your SN10 (not a different logger!)
    - the NDB file you were using
    - if possible, the TNP airspace file used to generate the NDB
- Incorrect clubmode HELP fixed: Note that in club mode, alternates on
moving map calculate glide to arrive at setting ARV AGL, not 150m AGL.
- Limit frequency of FLARM error messages to avoid blocking SN10 use
- Reduce annoying warnings (FLARM errors, USB gadget startup delays)
- Demo program bugfix: Again runs properly on Windows XP (SP2 or later)
- AirPar32 Improvements: Supports airspace warnings, faster map drawing
- DBC32 now warns of confusing almost-duplicate-names (41Start, 42Start)
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Notable features of version 2.39 (19-April-2014):
- Bugfix: Startup problem in SN10 2nd seat display (SN10B slave was OK)
- minor startup diagnostic improvements
- Demo program bugfix: custom page: workaround MSVC 2012 C++ changes
- Demo program bugfix: AAT: workaround MSVC 2012 C++ changes
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Notable features of version 2.38 (16-May-2013):
- FLARM enhancements:
  - task declaration more reliable (FLARM accepts max 8 turnpoints!)
  - displays FLARM progress messages (PFLAQ: IGC file dump, etc)
  - force protocol version 6
  - Note: ignores PCAS messages for now
- Important serial improvements to reduce GPS and FLARM data loss
- Further internal improvements (free up space for future features)
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Notable features of version 2.37 (06-September-2012)
- small wind arrow on moving map (SN10B only, not original SN10, sorry)
- minimize/reduce/auto-clear annoying warnings (GPS, FLARM, cylinder start)
- 64-bit-Windows-capable single (SN10 and SN10B) installer (not for DOS)
- Updated 64-bit-Windows-capable demo program with new installer
- Many internal improvements (free up space for future features)
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Notable features of version 2.36 (30-April-2011)
- Includes IGC-style flight-log validation DLL IGC-IEC.DLL
- Includes latest (August 2010) USB-adapter HEX file ILECUSBA.HEX
Update your USB adapter software to get these improvements:
- ignore DOS ctrl-Z characters
- only one message if you use a memory stick needing too much power
- FLARM improvements:
- Auto-Clears FLARM collision warning page when the threat disappears
- Echo FLARM errors to SN10 screen
- Suppress spurious "FLARM configuration" warnings during flight
- DBC reports extremities of points in area (in -v verbose mode)
- Add VALIEC32 32-bit SN10 flight-record file-validation program
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Notable features of version 2.35 (11-March-2010):
- New FLARM support (enable on "SN10 Options 2" page):
- FLARM collision warning page (pops up graphic for collision warning)
- FLARM neighbors moving map display page
- declare SN10 task into FLARM
- AAT workload reduction features. On the moving map page, ONLY when in
AAT mode (switch to "A"), and ONLY when the cursor is on one of the
four control fields at lower left:
(1) Extended HELP shows stats for the remaining task,
so there's no page switching to see how an adjustment affects
the ETF and amount over and under. Press HELP on any of
the four control fields at lower left, and you'll see this:
   == Task To Go ==
   Distance   203.0
   current MC   2.0
   ==== Times =====
   ETF         2:07
   Remaining   1:46
(2) With the cursor on one of the four control fields at lower left,
press ENTER to snap the next AAT turnpoint to the point
- on the current courseline (from leg start through your location),
- half way from your current location to the back of AAT area
If this would result in a point not in the area it just beeps.
After snapping the TP, the task is recomputed and the stats
message above is automatically displayed.
- Add Discus 2c 18-meter polar
- Formatting improvements (leading ":" on minutes time in many locations)
- Bugfix: Start and Finish lines (and sectors) stay oriented w/respect
to the nominal AAT area centers, not the dragged turnpoint location...
- Bugfix: ENTER on the scroll arrows while in AAT-drag mode does not
re-center map; now it snaps the turnpoint location as above
- DBparse bugfix (for USB adapter only, does not affect SN10 software)
- NOTE: FP traps enabled for 2.35 production release
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Notable features of version 2.34 (21-September-2009)
- Dark LCD bug fixed (temperature-contrast adjust bug of Jan 2009)
- USB adapter bug fixes and improvements (progress messages etc)
- Suppress diagnostics which could interfere with PDA/FLARM (USB, NSP)
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Notable features of version 2.33 (29-June-2009)
- Many optimizations for speed and code-size (room for next feature)
- USB-adapter support for log file save, NDB file load, and softwareload
- BugFix: serial port now properly initialized on cold-start
- Prevent accidental creation of database points with blank names
- Memory map changes for diagnostics (OS stack pool at fixed location)
- Now supports up to 6 AAT areas
- NMEA baud rate selectable (4800 or 19200) for FLARM/PDA support
- 19.2kb NMEA support in SL (software load) and PClink
- "Software Load..." on screen during software update
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Notable features of version 2.32 release, dated 25-May-2008
- Added DBC32 (supports long file names, unlike DBC)
- airparse+dbc sparc versions for John Leibacher (gcc, byte-flips, etc), for better world-wide turnpoint exchange support of ILEC SN10.
- airparse updates to accept TNP format changes
- AAT: Stop annoying repetitive "You have entered AAT area" message when you drag the current turnpoint after flying into an AAT area.
- Deprecate support for Rudi#4, add experimental#5 support (Hobbs 2006)
- Additional Polars: Antares 20E, Antares 18, and ASG-29/18
- BugFix: Task statistics are now correct when you "Go Direct" to an alternate during a task and later resume your task.
- SL/SL32 now auto-starts software load for SN10s running v2.32 or later
- improved internal diagnostics, ParLoc60
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Notable features of version 2.31 release, dated 23-July-2005:
- New option: Output to support PDA (echo NMEA inputs+new ILEC sentences)
- Bugfix: Map Alternates work properly in Club Mode
- VALI-IEC returns DOS ERROREVEL 1 on error, 0 on success (ease scripts)
- More helpful progress messages from PClink (HL/HL32)
- Demo updated to show alternates on moving map (club and competition)

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Notable features of version 2.30 release, dated 2-August-2004:
- New option: Show closest alternates on moving map:
- Enable on "SN10 Options  1" page (check "MapAlt")
- On map "+" symbol marks an alternate in range, "-" marks an alternate out of range, and "U" marks an alternate whose elevation is not known.
    CAUTION: As always, the alternate calculation doesn't know about the ridge between you and the alternate !
- Select an alternate at top left: 0 is none, 1 is closest, etc.
- When an alternate is selected, a thick line is drawn from the glider to the alternate, and the current task leg is drawn as a thin line.
- When an alternate is selected, its name and +++--- are displayed at top of map.
- Software Load (SL32.EXE) works with Windows XP & USB-serial converters (more workarounds for Microsoft USB serial bugs)
- NDB files with East longitude like 123:45.12E now work (a space was previously required before the 'E', which confuzed the Ozzies)
- Bugfix: Hide deselected optional pages after software reload.
- If home point isn't correctly specified in NDB file, don't default to "AbortPt", "GPSmark", or "AAT Ptx" for home (which confuses people)...
- After Go-Direct to alternate, start, finish, and turn areas are suppressed on movingmap.
- Bugfix: confusion when pilot does Go-Direct to alternate before start (but please folks, try not to land out before the start).
- IGC file: fill in CID (competition ID), not GID
- Initial (Rudi #4) integration
- Internal minor C++ reorgs and cleanups
- Bugfix: AAT reinitializes properly on site change
- Check-off of AAT turn when outside area doesn't move TP to unfortunate location

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Notable features of version 2.27 release, dated 1-July-2003:
- Option to display wind arrow and turn arrows while in climb
- Options to disable pages (L/D, simple final glide, heightband)
- KS "No bad news" option suppresses "speed-up" audio signal in cruise
- Flight recorder ALWAYS auto-starts on take-off (no option)
- Flight recorder page now shown in SETUP mode only
- "AbortPt" marks the point where you abort a task to go to an alternate
- "GPSmark" is only set when you press "Mark Position" on the GPS page
- "AATpt1" etc. are suppressed in list of turnpoints for normal task
- Density Altitude in extended help for altitude
- PClink works with USB-to-serial converters under Windows XP COM1-8
- GPS bugfixes (blinker shows disconnect reliably, no bogus 2-minute no-GPS-nav warning on connecting NMEA GPS before it is navigating)
- Many UK airways improvements (AIRPAR32, intersections with width changes)
- BugFix Garrecht: Download to Volkslogger preserves Glider ID set in logger
- Additional polars: Blanik L-33, AMT-200 Ximango, DG-1000
WARNING: A USB-to-serial adapter with Windows XP will not work for the V2.27 SN10 software update!  To update to V2.27 you must use a PC with a "real" (standard) serial port.  The SN10 PCLink application does work AOK with a USB-to-serial converter as this USB related problem only affects the SN10 software update utility.
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Notable features of version 2.26 release, dated 16-September-2002:
- AirPar32 now handles UK airways
- Bugfix: HL32 works properly with COM5-COM8
- Reduce SN10B screen flashes when temperature changes

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Notable features of version 2.25 release, dated 03-April-2002:
- New Assigned Area Task navigation support and expanded Task Rules.
Both the demonstration program and the manual will be updated shortly to explain
these new features.

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Notable features of version 2.22 release, dated 28-July-2001:
- New Polars !  ASW-28, Discus 2, LAK-17A/15/18, LS-8/18, Ventus 2 15/18
- SN10B setup (PC installation program) released.
- AirPar32 now takes a radius, and ignores airspace outside this radius from
  home point (so you can use SUA file of huge area). Details in MapHelp.TXT.
- HL32 will now recognize NDB files named xyz.NDB.TXT, which happens when
MS Internet Explorer adds an unwanted .TXT suffix to the file name.
  HL still requires that the 8.3 filename have type NDB.
- Bugfix: Mac users, SL/SL32 tolerates Mac line terminator in HEX files.
- Bugfix: FPM units display error (showed incorrect sink rates for polar
  when FPM units were selected for climb/sink).
- Bugfix: Volkslogger only, failed task download could disable GPS input
  and all other serial input until SN10 reboot.
- Bugfix: More reliable (and faster) LCD controller function test.

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Notable features of version 2.21 release, dated 17-May-2001:
- New Manual !  Please see or your dealer's web site.
- For area-TP tasks, allow large TP cylinder (set on flight recorder page).
- Easy PC software installation with SETUP221.EXE (especially Windows)
- SL32 SN10 Software Load program for 32-bit Windows and Mac (Win95, NT, etc)
- more accurate polar for Duo Discus
- AIRPAR32 accepts TYPE=ALERT, MOA, and CLASS B through CLASS E
- Bugfix: USA GPS start: statistics corrected for start cylinder radius
- Bugfix: moving map: USA start cylinder always drawn properly in max zoom
- Bugfix: start line and cylinder now suppressed in club mode.
- Bugfix: at power-on, don't nuke task when resetting home and altimeter.
- Bugfix: don't show tailwind component as negative on wind page
- Bugfix: Go Direct to an alternate now works properly before START

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Notable features of version 2.20 release, dated 19-April-2000:
- SN10 pilot-custom page now available (create your personal ideal, display).
- SN10 Club Mode is now available (for just-for-fun, non-task flying).
- USA Rules GPS start is now automated. Select "USA GPS" in the rules
  selection on the option page, then before each task set the radius on
  the Flight Recorder page.
- FAI sectors available on moving map (set Competition Rules = FAI)
- FAI sectors available for datalogger turn notification (set Notice=FAI).
  VolksLogger task declaration: SN10 will detect an attached Volkslogger,
  and (if you wish) automatically declare your flight in the logger.
  NOTE: Requires Volkslogger firmware version 173 or later.
  Enter your task in the SN10 **and THEN** plug in the VolksLogger, and
  reply Yes to "Do you want to declare your task in the Volkslogger".
  NOTE: you must respond within a few seconds, or this won't work.
- Extended help on altimeter or QNH shows altitude in flight level
  and English units, for easier work with ATC and airspace boundaries.
- GPS mark creates point in database called "GPSmark" (landing,turn).
- Alternates "Go Direct" marks the point of "Go Direct" as "GPSmark",
  and shows this point as start of leg to alternate. This gives a
  courseline on the map, plus meaningful distance right and left of
  course as you fly to the alternate. You'll see GPSmark crossed-off
  on the task page after you "Go Direct" to an alternate.
- Change: By popular demand, "Dist to go" before you start a task now
  shows only task distance (and no longer includes distance to start point).
- Set "Start Time Interval" to 0:00 to suppress warning message:
  "You have 10 minutes remaining in your start time interval"
- In an NDB file, the map data origin (map home point) is now allowed to
  differ from the site's home point by up to 300km.
- Add Genesis II polar (Idaflieg/Johnson hybrid polar).
- Change: SN10 now resets to flight-mode each time its turned on
  (Setup pages are hidden each time instrument is restarted).
- BugFix: DBC (NDB database check) prints Swedish characters correctly.
- BugFix: Occasional annoying single-click of the value knob on power-on fixed.
- BugFix, WGC99 rules only: draw start line on exact NWSE headings.
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Notable features of version 2.12 release, dated 21-July-99:
- ENTER on GPS wind estimate copies estimated wind to wind for task/final glide.
- time of last START now shown on Timers page.
- New Competition Rules option: Classic or WGC99
- WG99 rules: 20km start line drawn on map, GPS auto-start (see WGC99.TXT).
- Bugfix: rare negative altitude in datalog fixed (over 13K at 0 UTC).
- BugFix: HL now stores logger events correctly on PC.

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Notable features of version 2.11 release, dated 19-May-99:
- Parser to support Tim Newport-Peace airspace format included.
- BugFix: extremely rare vario freeze for a second or two fixed.
- Bugfix: very rare garbage character on two-seat repeater display fixed.

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Notable features of version 2.10 release , dated 11-April-99:
- Moving map, showing task, and if loaded, showing airspace boundaries.
- Demo version shows more correct aspect ratio pixels, so airspace
  features are not distorted and general appearance is improved.
- Motor run events are logged: Ground DB15 pin 8 to indicate motor on;
  leave open (unconnected) to indicate motor off.
- Extensive internal rework of graphics subsystem.

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Notable features of version 2.03 release, dated 15-November-98:
- Updated SN10 demo progam shows wind animation, logger, new DB.
- BugFix: Two-Seat help bug (sometimes didn't show long help text on
  2nd seat, for example Cruise/Climb/Track or alternates ordinal fields).
- Corrections to 'no-GPS' operation.

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Notable features in the 2.02 full release, dated 4-October-98
- BugFix: Don't switch internal wind layer size back to '500 meters'
  on reset of GPS wind calculator.
- BugFix: reliable turnpoint descriptions on two-seater display.

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Notable features in the 2.02x3 beta test, dated 27-Sepetmber-98:
- DBC now checks for valid and landable home point
- GPS wind altitude bands are reported using indicated (rather
  than standard) altitude.
- Touring (DMST) mode added, in which all points marked AIRPORT
  are available for the task (in addition to the usual points
  marked TURN). See the 'Options' page.

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Notable features in the 2.02x2 beta test, dated 11-Sepetmber-98:

-  additional error recovery improvements, update to SN10 COM
  driver per processor errata sheet, etc).

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Notable features in the 2.02x1 beta test, dated 5-September-98:
- loading 2.02 with this version of SL won't erase turnpoint DB
  (you won't need to reload your sites with HL after this update).
- Before START, the start point is displayed on the status page
  to help navigate to the start. After a start, you can reset the
  SN10 in preparation for another start (Timer or Course pages).
- new 'Delete Point Edits' reset button for clearing any points
  you added or changed at the SN10
- Ctrl-P's (hex 10) characters ignored in NDB files (for Mac users).
- PW-5 polar added
- 2nd seat repeater unit LCD contrast adjustment added
- ENTER toggles (turn)point attributes (in addition to VALUE)
- added reset button to delete all points (turnpoints etc) added or
  edited at the SN10
- bugfix: GPS wind arrow now always redrawn after page change.
- bugfix: logger (IGC file format) corrections for Australian
  longitude, and for negative pressure-altitude.
- PCLink error-recovery improvements.

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Notable features in the 2.01 full release, dated 15-July-98
- turnpoint notification option for datalogger
- datalogger automatic start option
- datalogger security and IGC-compliant VALI-IEC.EXE
  security verification program
- bugfix: don't show yesterday's wind data.
- bugfix: when finish elevation is unknown, calculate task distance.
- maximum fix rate in IGC file is every two seconds, reducing
  size of IGC file (now works with some analysis programs of
  limited capacity).

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Notable features in the 2.01x4 beta test, dated 10-July-98:
- wind calculator altitude in 2000 ft bands (if height units = feet),
- somewhat improved messages about EEPROM (factory only)
- slightly updated notes on logger behavior (LOGGER.TXT);
  these must be added to a later version of the manual.

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Notable features in version 2.01x3 beta test, dated 1-July-98:
- better automatic start of logger
- digital security code in log files
- turnpoint cylinder (not yet sector) notification

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Notable features in the 2.00 full release, dated 14-May-98:
- Greatly expanded database features, with loading from an IBM PC.
- Flight Recorder (datalogger)
- Wind Calculator page

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Fixes since 2.00x2 beta test...
- local TPs are now saved across reboot and software updates
- prevent point edit if site is erased after loading version 2.00, site number will be reset to '2'
- jumpy turnpoint edit (elevation entry) after DB load, point edit ordinal is 1 (not 0).
- consistent point manipulation (no blanks on alternates, show valid start points on task page, etc.)

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