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SN10 Software Update Overview

Nadler & Associates 15 May, 2001

Your SN10 can be easily updated, without removing it from your sailplane.
To perform a software update, you will need:
* An IBM-compatible computer, with an available serial port
  (the serial port should have a standard 9-pin DB9 connector),
  running Microsoft Windows or MSDOS (or a Mac running Microsoft Windows or MSDOS),
* A well-charged sailplane battery,
* A software update diskette, or the upgrade software
  installed on your PC,
* The SN10-to-PC cable provided with your SN10, and
* Optionally, if the serial cable of your SN10 cannot easily
  reach your PC, a 9-pin extension cable (DB-9 connectors on both
  ends, one male and one female, straight-through cable and NOT a
  null-modem cable)

If your PC does not feature a 9 pin serial port you can use a USB Serial adapter to establish the connection. For detail on how this is managed can be found here.

For additional detail, please see the SN10 manual.

Please review the full instruction documentation supplied with the System Update Software prior to attempting an instrument update!

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