SN10 Order Information

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SN10 Ordering Information

 The SN10 Flight Computer comes equipped with:

  • one RAZ external meter (2 1/4" (58mm) size),
  • a temperature probe,
  • standard cabling for easy installation,
  • an instrument panel connector and wiring loom, to facilitate easy connection between the SN10 and a PC, remote control and/or GPS, plus
  • a PC Data Cable for interface to an IBM-compatible personal computer.
    This latter cable is used for loading new software features into your SN10, uploading turnpoint and airspace data and for downloading data from the internal flight data recorder.

See our Pricing Section for current price and delivery information.

Available options are:

[Image] SN10-2 (See picture below - 2nd RAZ meter with two-seat display not shown but is supplied)
SN10 two-seater display and control unit supplied complete with one external RAZ meter and required cable harness.

[Image] SN10-G
GPS receiver,  12 channel,  with cables and antenna.

[Image] SN10-R
SN10 remote control.

[Image] SN10-USB
SN10 USB 'memory stick' adapter.

[Image] RAZ (additional external meter)
The SN10 can drive 2 individual variometer indicators.

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