SN-10 Features & Technical Specifications

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ILEC SN-10 Flight Computer

SN-10B Front Panel Flexiblity, Performance, Reliability

The SN10 incorporates the following key features:
  • Assigned Area Task navigation support and expanded Task Rules. *
  • Club Mode simplified operation option
  • Easy In Flight Task Problem Solving (Speed-Only or POST)
  • Panel mount RS-232 interface for easy data transfer to/from a PC.
  • Optional new panel mounted USB memory stick adapter for convenient direct file transfers.
  • Update Operating System Software using your PC ensures continuous improvement of the instrument without hardware upgrade.
  • Upload Databases of airfields and turning points, with loading from any DOS or Windows (95,98,2000,XP) PC.
  • Download secure IGC format flight log from the in built flight data logger (log files approved for use in Australian competition to Club Class and FAI Nationals Level).
  • Final Glide calculation around multiple turnpoints, continuously updated.
  • Customisable Main Data Page
  • Automatic multi-level Wind Calculation (direction and speed).
  • Moving Map Display, including Airspace Boundaries if loaded.
  • Exclusive Thermal Height-Band Display.
  • Integrated G-meter.
  • Instant on screen Help for all screen displayed fields.
  • Integral local area network for adaptable future development .
  • Renowned ILEC Flow Sensing Variometer technology - Altitude-compensated .
  • A built-in capacity, so no external flask is needed.
  • Fits a standard 80mm panel hole.
  • No loss of information when computer is turned off (switch batteries in flight without problems).
  • Optional GPS mouse, or use any NMEA GPS input from your GPS or GPS-Datalogger.
  • Optional Remote Control Unit allows for control of the instrument from your knee.
  • All ILEC products come with a 2 year warranty.
    * New features with Operating Software Versions 2.25 and above

Full ordering information can be found here.

Dimensional information can be found here.

Version 2.47 Operating Software now shipping.

A full featured WIN 95 & above compatible SN-10 demonstration application is now available. For a complete evaluation the latest SN-10 Version 2.31 Operating Manual is also available for download (3.38 Mb PDF document).

For an independent evaluation see the Flight comparison of SN10 and LNAV as published in March 2000 Australian Gliding/Skysailor Magazine by Luke Dodd (361 Kb PDF) 

SN-10 Technical Specifications

Power Supply: 9 - 15 DCV
Current (volume off / full): ca. 100 / 150 mA at 12 V (without GPS)
Housing, Main Unit: 80 mm, 150 mm long (not including rear connectors)
Temperature Range: -20 to +70 °C
Weight: ca. 0.7 Kg
Static Pressure Transducer: 280 to 1045 hPa (about MSL to 9500m)
Pitot Pressure Transducer: 1 to 45 hPa (about 45 to 310 km/h)
Variometer: +/- 15 m/s

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