New V2.47 OpSys

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New V2.47 OpSys

By Dion Weston
Friday, July 03, 2020

A new version of the SN10 Operating System (V2.47) can be downloaded from the SN10 Support page on this site.

Version V2.47 features the following key additions:

Notable features of version 2.47 (20-June-2020): ***********************
- Improved airspace warnings:
  - New: Option to suppress MOA display on map and MOA airspace warnings.
    May require rebuild of your NDB files with updated AIRPAR32.
    John Leibacher has rebuilt NDB's on WWTPX, thanks John!
  - Warns if your track is very close but parallel to airspace boundary
  - Nuisance warnings greatly reduced
  - Warnings now include time-til-airspace-boundary, for example:
           !! Airspace !! 
           !! Warning  !! 
          SALT LAKE CI    
           in :01:23    1.7sm
          Alt:10500 ft MSL
           to 12000 ft MSL
          ENTER for map...
- Better special character handling in point/airspace names (U-umlaut..)
- AirPar32: special characters in airspace names, treat TYPE=MATZ as MOA
- DBC32: Add -u option to check for airspaces with unknown type
- Demonstration program improvements:
  - In NDB airspace window, click on point to show enclosing airspaces
  - Add option to list all airspaces of unknown type (help debug your NDB)
  - Proper text scaling for high-DPI displays
- USB adapter firmware update (place ILECUSBA.HEX on stick, power on SN10)
  - better special character support and error checking
  - supports exFAT formatted sticks (except for loading new USB firmware)
  - Adds LFN support (but NDB names must be unique first 8-chars)
- Lynn Alley + John Leibacher linux/website NDB support (thanks guys!):
  - Linux64 versions of airparse and dbc
  - dbc now returns positive-valued error codes (formerly DOS negative)
- Bugfix: SN10 IGC-format log minor formatting error (broken in 2.46)
- Internal updates to support SN10C

More detail on previous operating system revisions can be found on the Software Revision Updates listing page.

A reminder also that a Windows PC demo application based on the new V2.47 OS can be downloaded here.

Dave has been issuing updates for the instrument roughly every year, sometimes twice a year, usually during the US soaring season. Details of the updating process can be found within the help section oaf this website.

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