Have you checked your SN10 is running the latest Operating System available?

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Have you checked your SN10 is running the latest Operating System available?

By Dion Weston
Friday, August 22, 2008

Regular software updating is key to SN10's continued success

Your SN10 can be easily updated, without removing the instrument from your sailplane. A serial communication interface is built into the instrument and its operating system software to facilitate this process. Fuller instructions for completing this process can be found by visiting the Software Update Help page on this site.

The latest version of the SN10 Operating System (V2.47) is now available for download from the SN10 Support page on this site.

This version features the following key additions:

- better world-wide turnpoint exchange support of ILEC SN10.
- AAT: Stop annoying repetitive "You have entered AAT area" message when  you drag the current turnpoint after flying into an AAT area.
- Additional Polars: Antares 20E, Antares 18, and ASG-29/18
- BugFix: Task statistics are now correct when you "Go Direct" to an  alternate during a task and later resume your task.

 More detail on the additions and bugfixes introduced can be found on the Software Revision Updates listing page.

Regular straightforward updating the Operating System software of the SN10 is one of the key competitive features of this instrument. Details of the updating process can be found within the help section of this website.

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