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New V2.48 OpSys 19/07/24

TopHat moving map integration with the SN10 03/08/22

Connecting a FLARM® to your ILEC SN10 03/08/22

New V2.47 OpSys 03/07/20

Want to become part of our flight software test program and fly with the latest test software available? 04/06/13

New V238 OpSys 04/06/13

Have you upgraded your OpSys recently? 29/05/11

USB Adapter Manual Update 23/02/10

Documentation for the SN10 USB adpater has is updated to include a dimensioned drawing for the panel cut-out; should help installation. Read more...

USB Adapter Software Upgrade 05/02/10

Bugfix software supporting the new SN10 USB "memory stick" adapter has been released.. Read more...

ILEC SN10 USB adapter - announcement 29/08/09

A new USB "memory stick" adapter has been developed for the SN10, allowing convenient download of flight logs, the loading of turnpoint lists into the SN10, and the loading of new SN10 software versions... Read more...

SN10 format TP files now available with embedded Restricted Airspace data (Updated Nov 2008) 27/11/08

Australian and New Zealand SN10 formatted turnpoint data files are now available on the Worldwide Soaring Turnpoint Exchange web site appended with Special Use Airspace (SUA) data suitable for use with the SN10's moving map display. Read more...

Using the ILEC SN10 with an Intel based Apple Computer 22/08/08

Dave Nadler has set up a page of instructions explaining how new Macs using Intel processors can run the ILEC SN10 PC utilities without Windows... Read more...

Have you checked your SN10 is running the latest Operating System available? 22/08/08

In prepration for the coming season we remind you to check whether you have loaded latest version of the SN10 Operating System (V2.48).. Read more...

B100 Software Update 17/12/02

At long last an update has been released allowing the venerable B100 Flight Computer to be loaded with user defineable turnpoint databases. Read more...

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